No. Players never have to provide these details to the club. To connect the players’ social media accounts to the Starshell platform, the club’s administrator enters in their name and mobile number or email address into the Starshell platform which sends an invitation to the players to authorise Starshell to connect to their accounts. The players then click the secured link in the message and click the authorise button on the webpage. This is the same process as when you sign into any web service using your social media account and is totally secure. The club administrator can see which players have authorised which of their accounts in real-time.

This is up to the club to decide. The Starshell solution allows the club administrator to set different filter rules for each individual player and can modify them at any time. Consultation between the club and each individual player could be beneficial in creating more personalised filter rules to suit each player’s social media habits and can assist in the education of social media best use practice.

Yes. The Starshell solution only monitors public messages so you can send messages to those who you have accepted as a friend and  you trust.

No you won’t. You can keep being yourself on social media and we encourage that to build your profile. The Starshell solution is here to provide you with a safe guard for those brain snap moments that could affect your career and sponsorship deals. It will only remove updates that the club administrator has identified as containing potentially damaging content. If the club administrator reviews a removed update and thinks it’s actually ok, they can allow it to be published to your social media account.

In summary, if you don’t do anything that could affect your career or sponsorship deals, you’ll never know Starshell is there.

They already can and probably do by following you on each social media network. The Starshell solution will just display the updates that have been flagged by the filter rules set by the club administrator, i.e. the potentially damaging updates that could affect your career.

No. The Starshell solution can only remove updates that are flagged by the filter rules set by the club administrator. These rules can be configured in consultation with each player and can be modified at any time.

No. The Starshell solution doesn’t allow the club administrator to post or update anything on behalf of their athletes.

Yes. The Starshell solution can be customized to educate the players in their use of social media. The system can notify them, and provide them with the reason why, when they send inappropriate messages that could be damaging to themselves, the club or sponsors.  On the positive the system can also be used to educate them on the positive use of social media to promote their, the clubs brand and the sponsors products and services.

In summary, the Starshell solution will educate the players use of their social media to help eliminate the negative and increase the positive.

Yes. The Starshell solution can be customized to identify incoming inappropriate messages, called trolling, and take appropriate actions in the same way it actions inappropriate outgoing messages. We have seen that abusive messages can have negative affects on the players, their family members and even the clubs administrators, and in some cases can also affect players on field performance.

In summary, the Starshell solution can protect the players, their family and club administrators from incoming social media abuse.